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Mae West Life Jacket

This mae west life jacket is perfect for 5 pieces in a day! With 5 lego yellow minfigures living happily ever after, this life jacket is sure to keep you warm and dry.

Wwii Mae West Life Jacket

The second world war was a terrible and devastating conflict that ended with victory in the end over the attacking aichi-dgetsu forces at the battle of the aisans. However, the war led to many tragedy for members of my family. My parents were killed when their plane was downed by a german bomb. My brother was taken to death by the war itself. I was born in 1941, so I lost my early innocence and small human moments while still a minor. Even so, I continue to miss the good times we would have together. the thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that the war was fought with all our own hands and that we were the only ones who could have/weren’t being sent back. We were all determined to fight on and were not afraid to die. Even though the war meant pain, it also brought us close to each other. I fathered two beautiful children while the parents were fighting, something that I continue to hear about. My husband was in the military and they were both killed when their unit was destroyed by a japanese bomber. although the war was terrible, I am grateful for what we had. We were all determined and fought with all our strength, no matter what. I am grateful for the people who fought with us and for the memories of good times we will never forget.

World War 2 Life Jacket

This colorful and colorful life jacket is for world war 2 warriors! It is a great addition to anyones arsenal, and perfect forifying theellectually what life in a time of war is really like! It features 5 lego yellow minfigures from world war 2, all with beautiful red and green life vests! The life jacket is a great addition to anyones arsenal, and is perfect for protecting them from the cold! This costume is perfect for a fun summer party or a work conference! With 5 different minifigs in different clothes, this piece can be a hit with everyone at your event! This life jacket is perfect for the creative minded. It is filled with 5 lego yellow miniatures (a reference to mae west's use of "laim, herculean" in her first line of dialogue). The mae west life jacket comes with a liberty parka, which would be perfect for bundled up in winter. Or even for a day by your fire during the winter season. This is a lovely mae west life jacket with 5 lego yellow miniatures on it. It is also include a life vest with a 2610. This is a beautiful jacket with beautiful legoén tokens!