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Stearns Puddle Jumper Child Life Jacket

At stearns, we know that children need to be as comfortable as possible when they're playing in the puddle. Our puddle jumper child life jacket and life vest are designed to help your child stay safe and comfortable in these conditions. They're also easy to on and off of with our easy-to-use puddle jumper life vest.

Puddle Jumper Child Life Jacket

The puddle jumper is an essential piece of child clothing for children who are feeling brave and daring. If your child is into fashion, then they'll love the look of this new season's fashion trends.

Puddle Jumper Life Jackets

If you're one of the many storied puddle jumper kids out there world, we've got the perfect piece of gear for you! The puddle jumper is a great piece of gear for kids up to 50 pounds, and it's got a great happy face on it. Our puddle jumper is made of 100% organic materials and is made to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your child. thislifejacket is a new and uniquestearns puddle jumper toddler kids life jacket 30 - 50 lbs. It is a long, fit- tyrteous, and sturdy life jacket that will protect your child during those wet and slippery moments. It is sure to keep them safe and comfortable. this stearns puddle jumper child life jacket is the perfect choice for young children who need to survive rain or snow. The outer fabric is rubberized for a comfortable fit and the jacquard fabric is sturdy for enduring wind and snow. The life jacket has a comfortable hood and a rain or snow-resistant fabric, making it an ideal choice for children who need to survive any weather. this stearns puddle jumper is a great way to protect yourself from the weather in store. This jacket has a comfortable fit and features a bright red crab on the back. This item is perfect for young children who want to stay safe in the water.