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Used Life Jackets

Used life jackets are perfect for the water skiing, fishing, or swimming in your favorite destination. Them also provide security and safety for your protection.

Life vests

Life vests

By Eastern Aero Marine


Top 10 Used Life Jackets

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Best Used Life Jackets

This is a 2x full throttle life hinged rapid-dry jacket for youth (50-90 lbs). It is a clean, stylish design with a comfortable fit. The jacket has a weaved line-dress fabric and used life jacket fabric, making it easy to house and care for. It is made to keep you and your clothes warm and dry, and features a used life jacket fabric for that extra protection. the used life jackets are a great option for those that are looking for something different. The life jackets are adult size and ares sxxl30x52 youth size. They are 5090lb and ares preowned. the used life jackets come in four different sizes and are made to fit a variety of body types. The vest is made to protect you from the cold weather, the jacket is for adults, the kids can wear them with ease, and the 50-90 pound size is for those who want to be safe. this bundle contains: -2 child life jackets -1 adult life jacket -1 adult stearns infant jacket -1 pre-owned aqua leisure 2-4 years jacket -1 stearns infant spf jacket.