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Hyperlite Life Jacket

The hyperlite life jacket vest is a great choice for children who are just learning about life. It is a stylish and comfortable jacket that will help keep you warm in cold weather. The vest also comes with a 30-pound weight and a 30-day warranty.

Hyperlite Tall Neoprene Life Jacket

The hyperlite tall neoprene life jacket is a great way to protect yourself from the cold while on the ice. This jacket has two warmth features that will keep you warm in the cold weather. The hyperlite tall neoprene life jacket is also windproof and water resistant.

Hyperlite Life Jacket Youth

This jacket is designed for use during activities such as playtime and transportation. It is made of water-resistant cotton and features a modern design with a frontattaise and a size small fit. The hyperlite life jacket is made of two layers of fabric, with a water-resistant fabric at the top and a fabric bottom for an snug fit. This jacket also comes with a pouch for your child's snacks and a place to store their clothes. the hyperlite life jacket vest is a great choice for those that live in an environment with extreme cold and wetting. It is an adjustable life jacket that can be used in both open and closed conditions, making it perfect for both male and female athletes. The hyperlite life jacket vest is also water resistant, making it perfect forsport kayaking, fishing, and water skiing. the hyperlite men's life jacket is designed to keep you warm and dry during those hottest days or icy cold nights. It's made of cotton and water resistant, making it a perfect piece of clothing for the most active men. the hyperlite life jacket is an excellent choice for pregnant women or those with large body sizes. It is both stylish and functional, perfect for any child. The life jacket has a comfortable fit and is approved by the coast guard for use by adults.