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Kids Life Jackets

Looking for a new and comfortable option for the kids? look no further than these four neoprene life jackets! They're perfect for adults, children, and toddler boys and girls. The soft and cozy fleece coat is perfect for a quick walk on the beach or inside a public place.

Toddler Life Jacket

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Child Life Jacket

This child safety life jacket is a great addition to your child's collection. This jacket comes with a rain cover and a coding system that makes it easy to identify your child's size. This jacket also includes a guardian symbol that will show you how much water your child has worn through life. the toddler life jackets are designed to keep you and your child safe during the day and at night. They are high visibility and will not be seen by anyone who isn't licensed to fly. They are alsoade to be used while wearing a child safety seat, and will not work with a child travel buggy. looking for a new way to keep your child safe and comforted while swimming? look no further than our life jackets for kids! These jackets come with afloatancy aid jacket, which will help keep your child safe and comfortable while swimming. Plus, the floating swim zip vest will help keep their head and shoulders safe fromphytopenema. our kids' life jackets are made of 100% acrylic, making them hard to tear up. But also features a comfortable and efficient fit. The life jacket has fourly designed for kids, adult size, and youth kids 50-90 pounds. It has a owl design with a beaded waistband, and the vest has a. And the vest has a comfortable and efficient fit.